Why are Skortshop skorts and bike shorts made in Australia?

We are very proud to say that Skortshop skorts and bike shorts are made in Australia from Australian milled fabrics. At Skortshop we aim to produce the best garments possible and we believe making our products locally allows us greater quality control. At Skortshop we like the fact that we are creating quality garments and also making them in our own great country. Call us old fashioned but that’s the way we like it.

Why do you use Australian milled fabrics?

Our skorts and bike shorts are made with Australian milled fabrics. Our skorts are made using the latest scientifically tested sun-safe SPF 50+ Australian poly mesh and cotton backed fabric, ideal for our harsh Australian climate. Apart from the fact that we love dealing with our local suppliers, the quality is excellent and we know that it is always within a day away (and not going to be delayed indefinitely on the high seas or at some international airport). Again, if we are producing quality fabric in Australia then we feel that we should be using it! Simple as that.

When did Skortshop start making skorts?

We started making our Skortshop skorts back in 2007! We have taken the time to get them right and make them the best possible fit. What started out as a simple idea to make a more comfy and practical sports uniform garment has taken off. The bike shorts came a few years later by popular demand for shorts with the same ‘won’t ride up’ comfy fit. Simple elastic waisted, pull-on comfortable garments for active girls.

What colours are Skortshop’s skorts and bike shorts?

We make our Skortshop skorts and bike shorts in the main schools colours – black, navy, royal blue, red, maroon and bottle green

Do the Skortshop skorts have pockets?

Yes, a sneaky side zipper pocket for lunch money and of course, a tissue! You may not have even noticed it because it is so cleverly hidden in the side seam.

When are the bike shorts worn?

The bike shorts were a spin off from our popular original skorts started in 2007. After our Skortshop skorts proved to be so comfortable, by popular demand we starting making the same comfy fit bike shorts as a separate garment in its own right. The bike shorts are short enough to wear under school tunics but are wonderfully comfortable to wear to dance and gym classes.


Why are Skortshop skorts so popular?

Our skorts are an attractive A-line skirt with front pleats. Flattering on most shapes and sizes, they include attached hidden (always 90% cotton) shorts which are super comfortable and practical. We think girls should look great and feel comfortable. How can you play a game of netball or run around the playground when you are worrying about keeping a skirt in place? Our skorts are the answer. They look like a skirt but are way more practical!

What if I need to return or exchange them?

At Skortshop we try and get the sizes right. Girls come in all shapes and sizes so we make our skorts from soft stretchy fabric that will stretch to fit a variety of shapes. For older primary school girls that are an ‘in between size’ (say somewhere between a size 10/12 or a 12/14), we suggest you always wear the more generous size (ie the 12 and 14). Always better to wear them a bit looser for comfort and they will generally look and feel more flattering. We really hope that our skorts and bike shorts are a perfect fit however, in the unlikely event that after purchase you find they don’t fit, you can return for a full refund or exchange for another size. We do however ask that you leave the swing tags on and post back to our reply paid postal address. Please see our ‘How to return an item process’ for further details.

Additionally, if you are ever not happy with the quality or there is something wrong, please bring it to our attention so we can fix it. We aim to supply the best possible quality.

What if the size I want says out of stock?

If the size you are trying to purchase says ‘More Soon’ then we our temporarily out of stock. This is not a catastrophe because as you know, we manufacture locally and we will soon have more stock on our shelves.

Is there anywhere else I can buy Skortshop skorts and bike shorts?

Yes, we will let you know this very soon…

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